Scott is a photographer, retoucher, printer based in New York City.

photo by: Mia Allen

photo by: Mia Allen

My love of photography began as a child when I learned to photograph using my dad’s 35mm Minolta. After high school I studied Aerospace Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, where I took a few courses in photography. While there I became increasingly aware of my passion for photography. I finished my studies in photography at Montclair State University, where I receiving a Bachelors of Art in Fine Art.

My formal education was in all traditional methods: film, chemicals, water, and silver gelatin paper. I’m extremely grateful for my two photography professors. Marc Hessel and Klaus Schnitzer.

At Penn State, Marc Hessel taught me how to expose film and process it to create what I envision in my mind. He gave me assignments that put me out of my comfort zone, such as approaching strangers and engaging in conversation as a way to ask to photograph them. I learned so much from my fellow students through the critiques, which were my favorite part of class. There comments opened my creative mind. One remark that has stuck with me was a fellow student saying that when I look at your photographs, I am curious to what is happening outside the frame.

At Montclair State, Klaus Schnitzer pushed me relentlessly. I learned to create what he referred to as a “lickable print.” I had trouble thinking of a final project. He advised me to photograph what I love. My niece had just been born and she was the only person in my life that I could say that I truly loved. She became my project. I used TMax 3200 film and a macro lens, creating photos of the person I love. I printed the images on 20”x24” paper with all the grain and imperfections of the process showing. These prints became my first solo show at the school’s gallery.

Although my photographs cover many genres they are all distinctly me. They all show my love of beauty that I see everywhere. Discarded objects, unclothed bodies, a dead pigeon on the sidewalk in Chelsea, landscapes, cityscapes, women dressed in amazing clothing with awesome style, musicians creating an energy that causes people to respond in awe.

Social interaction are a struggle for me. Photography has helped me meet so many great people. I never felt a sense of belonging until I went to art school.

I constantly have new ideas and am always observing the world around me. My diverse education, and mental make up give me a very unique view of the world. This brings a great breadth and depth to my work. I am able to see how to construct things in my mind. My niece gave me a sketch of a dress. I was able to make it without ever having made, sewn, a piece of clothing before. As and engineering student I was able to put the theory into practice very easily.

photo by: Mia Allen

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